Our Response to COVID-19

NYC, We’ve Got Your Back

COVID-19 has affected all of our lives. When we found out nurses and doctors were having difficulty commuting to work, we knew we had to help. Our specialty, after all, is helping people find transportation during times of struggle.

We’re proud to announce Blest with Wheels is partnering with secure private travel leaders Fortis Riders to help get healthcare professionals to work and back home safely.

We’d love for you to consider partnering with us in this effort to fight the pandemic. All donations are tax deductible. Every dollar you donate goes straight to the transportation needs in New York and other affected cities.

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Helping Move People
Forward Since 2014

Greenville Transmission Clinic is a family-owned and operated shop with four generations of transmission and general repair experience. As you may expect, we often have questions from friends and family about auto repair, and we frequently help friends that are single mothers. In 2014, members of our church learned of our work with single mothers and encouraged us to formalize our efforts. Through a $5,000 gift and a donated vehicle, Blest with Wheels was born.

Since 2014, Blest with Wheels has repaired 71 vehicles for single mothers. We have gifted 17 vehicles to mothers who had no independent means of transportation.

In our Greenville, SC community, not owning a reliable car can be a real obstacle to working, shopping for groceries, and getting kids to and from activities. The Greenville community has given so much to our family and our family’s business since we opened here in 1979, and we feel it’s our responsibility to give back to the people who have given so much to us.

Meet Melody

Widowed. School Janitor. Struggling financially. Car-less.

For over a year, Melody hitched a ride to the school she kept clean. She’d get dropped off in the morning at 5 and start her shift at 7. She was completely dependent on others for transportation.

When Blest with Wheels learned of this, they reached out to her and put Melody in a safe reliable car at no cost.

Now Melody has reliable transportation and is getting herself into a much better place.